Brain Injury

Brain injury can significantly affect many cognitive, physical and psychosocial skills. Physical deficits can include mobility hallenges, impaired balance, poor coordination, weakened fine motor skills, reduced strength and endurance. Cognitive deficits of language, communication, information processing, memory and perceptual skills are also present. Changes in social behavior and relationships are also common following a brain injury. These changes can often lead to loneliness, social isolation, poor self-esteem, reduced self-confidence and overall unhappiness. Over time, if not addressed, these issues tend to worsen. We are keenly aware of the pitfalls and that is why we offer urgent intervention and treatment. Access to intervention and the quality of the interventions directly influence outcomes and success for clients. By properly challenging the client during therapy, we work on rewiring the brain. We adhere to the best practice guidelines established by the Ontario NeuroTrauma Foundations with respect to brain injury.

Just as no two people are alike, no two brain injuries are alike. Appropriate treatment and rehabilitation will vary from individual to individual and require a skilled clinician to facilitate the recovery process. It is important to recognize that “more therapy” does not make a person “better”, but that appropriate therapy provided by a skilled and experienced clinician is crucial. Our goals often include working on home and community safety integration, cognitive retraining, teaching problem solving or compensatory strategies, sequencing and memory retraining, practicing tasks to support cognitive, motor and sensory function, as well as working with families to ensure education with respect to the rehabilitation process.

Specializing in the rehabilitation of brain injury survivors, FunctionAbility has significant experience guiding improvement of cognitive and social skills post brain injury. Our team includes former employees of Ontario’s busiest brain injury programs.

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