What Our Clients Say

Kristina is my great and very warm-hearted and truly over and beyond Occupational Therapist. She is such an OT who brought so much joy and splendour in my new life that I wonder what words I could use to truly describe her talents and skills, abilities and professionalism, attitude and respectfulness, motivation and inspiring advices, and, most of all, her on-the-spot decisions which made significant impact in my recovery. I must say that her work is consistent, she is timely, prompt, accurate, very professional, always very polite, gentle, kind, warm-hearted, amazing, enjoyable to work with, charming and smiling personal touch, very devoted and passionate for her job, and always, always, and always the kind of Occupational Therapist who anyone of my nature with such a type of car accident would ever dream of having.
Client KG
Shelley, it was fortuitous for us to have picked FunctionAbility for a care provider and I can honestly say that I am sincerely grateful. Please pass on my thanks to Rebecca and Matilda, I can’t imagine how I would have survived this without all your invaluable counsel and kindness. Many, many thanks.
Mother of a client
I also want to take this time to thank you all for yesterday. Jim and I are very blessed to have such a great team helping us during this period of adjustment. It’s all so overwhelming but we know we’ll get settled with the possible best care with your expertise and recommendations.
Spouse of client
I wanted to let you know what fantastic service Nick and his team have provided our most recent clients.
From Lawyer
Michelle Diamond, Lishan Taneza and Holly Mo have been instrumental in advocating approvals from insurers, coordinating necessary care and time sensitive discharge plans from hospital to home or transfers. Michelle and Lishan have been supportive of the “C” family each and every step of this ordeal. Holly worked well into the evening to ensure Kelly would have all the necessary support at home if she was to be discharged today and continues to manage the case on a very tight time schedule. It is evident this team works and collaborates all their efforts in the best interest of our clients.
From Lawyer
Kelly began to work with me on a continuous basis in a very rigid and determined manner as from end of February and beginning of March of 2014 to this present day. She presented herself with a charming personality, always timely, prompt, on the task, always on the ‘dot’, always keen to helping me and always there for my support and additional help. She is one of a kind and I have had the privilege of truly working on various tasks and assignments, projects and homework which her speech therapy sessions allowed me to instate in my new life. I have so much respect for her and special faith in her work that I have been really comfortable with applauding her speech therapy sessions with much in-depth and profound admiration. I have no words for her amazing job and marvelous achievements which she has put forward in my new life after my car crash.
Client KG
Amy has been working with me ever since my first day of discharge from Sunnybrook Health Science Center. She was the very first therapist who was in touch with me and her esteemed help and support has proven itself to be invaluable and worth all her hard work and all her strategies implemented to getting me back on track. Through her esteemed support and help, and guidance (as well), I was able to be granted a walker which was very crucial in that stage of my recovery process—stage which was still too early to predict and anticipate that I would capable of getting back on track. I still have a long way to go as cognitively I have suffered substantially and Amy was able to guide me by motivating me highly to making the use of technology as a tool during my recovery. She was the one who arose my interest in the usage of: cellphone, calendar agenda found in e-mail accounts, Facebook, Lumosity.com and Brain HQ Posit Science online brain exercises, etc., as such, these tools would later guide me positively in my recovery. She also encouraged me highly to read books at a time when my brain and body were incapable of handling many activities; namely: walking a lot, running, stress level, shopping, travelling, reasoning and regaining my full consciousness about my surrounding and environment. She provided me with the correct guidance and I was granted the Access 2 card (for movie passes, R.O.M, CN Tower, Toronto Zoo, etc.,), Scarborough Bluffs membership to do meditative yoga, the idea to get access to TTC Wheel-Trans, etc.
Client AB