Our Care Philosophy

It all started with Charlie. He was our first one and only client, our top priority. Helping Charlie rebuild his life after a combined spinal cord injury and brain injury was what we were meant to do and we loved doing it! That was over twenty years ago and despite servicing thousands of clients and delivering services province-wide and in the Greater Vancouver area, our philosophy always remained the same. We treat each and every one of our clients the same way we treated Charlie- as though they are our one and only client. Every day we help someone’s son or daughter, mom or dad, best friend, fiancé or grandparent get one step closer to returning to function and living an independent life. This is how our practice was built and we are forever grateful to our clients, staff, and community partners for helping us one client at a time. At FunctionAbility, from treatment to handling paperwork, everything is done with intention and a deep respect for the families we work with. It could just as easily be any one of us needing help after trauma.