A Proud Moment for FunctionAbility!

Jamie Sutherland
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HHS - Conference Pic March 2016It was a very proud moment for all of us at FunctionAbility to have Heidi Reznick OT Reg. (Ont.), and Veronica Takes OT Reg.(Ont.), speaking at the 23rd Annual Conference on Neurobehavioural Rehabilitation in Acquired Brain Injury.

The conference was attended by hundreds of ABI Rehabilitation Professionals, Psychologists, Physicians, Program Planners, Insurance and Legal Representatives and Advocates.

HHS Conf 1

Heidi and Veronica did a fantastic job presenting “Feeling Stuck With Your Client: Navigating the Path of Behavioural Change”. Their discussion is described as follows:

For any person undergoing a major life transition, such as recovery from ABI, the journey can be full of peaks and valleys.  While there might be stages of forward momentum, there might also be many points of “resistance” where clinicians and clients feel stuck.  There might even be situations where we as clinicians feel that we do not have the competence to help.  What do we do when we feel “stuck in the mud” with a client?  How do we regain inspiration and help clients reach their meaningful goals?  This workshop will examine best practice in the most difficult parts of our work; when we feel like we lack the tools to spark behavioural change.  We will provide innovative tools grounded in evidence based approaches to get out of that “stuck place”, including exploration of resistance, stages of change and motivational interviewing.

Great job Heidi and Veronica!